What happens when balanced body mechanics and the fundamentals of martial arts are applied to shooting? This book will turn everything you thought you knew about shooting upside down. Turnipseed Master Instructor Alan Egusa details Kent Turnipseed’s cutting edge shooting method and shows you: How to easily and comfortably shoot any firearm: handgun, rifle or shotgun, How everything you’ve been taught about shooting with muscle is actually hurting you, Instantly Acquire and Hit your target at will, Accurately shoot without sights...
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About Alan Egusa

Alan Egusa is a retired Los Angeles County firefighter, a former National Champion Hobie Cat sailor,... Read more

Excerpt from the Book

Combining our four principles results in proper body mechanics.  When proper body mechanics are utilized in shooting firearms, recoil becomes as unnotable as stepping off of a curb.  When Kent demonstrates this recoil dampening by rapidly shooting several 3 inch magnums in a 12 gauge shotgun, we know who the knowledgeable shooters are in the crowd because their jaws drop in disbelief.  These observers do not see the effects of recoil! Read more

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ISBN: 9781608442263
156 pages
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