About the Author

Alan Egusa is a retired Los Angeles County firefighter, a former National Champion Hobie Cat sailor, a 20-year student of martial arts, an Eagle Scout, and received his BA in philosophy from the University of Southern California.  Alan has worked with Kent Turnipseed for over 15 years, acting as his Senior Instructor and protégé.

To many, Kent Turnipseed needs no introduction.  To those who are discovering the Turnipseed Technique for the first time, Kent is a retired Firefighter and served in the U.S. Army in the 82nd and 11th Airborne Divisions.  A lifelong devotee of the martial arts, he is the innovator behind the Turnipseed Technique.  Kent started thinking about the concepts that would eventually result in the Turnipseed Technique in 1979.  After suffering a traumatic back injury in the line of duty, all of the conventional shooting stances caused severe pain whenever he tried them.  Pain became his guide to whether or not he was in skeletal balance, and he applied it to his search for a way to shoot that would not stress his body.

Martial Art of the Gun: The Turnipseed Technique is the culmination of Kent's decades of applied research and experience.  His ground breaking discoveries have resulted in a more comfortable method of shooting firearms that makes it easier to hit your target.  It can enable the average person to more effectively defend his life, and thus has the potential of saving many lives.

With clear photographs and simple explanations this book also includes everything a beginner or novice shooter needs to become an expert.

Press Release!!!
Kent Turnipseed was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame, which recognizes excellence in martial arts, on June 19, 2010.  He was honored for being the innovator who developed the Martial Art of the Gun.  Kent is the only firearms instructor ever to be inducted.




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