“Chunking” makes the building blocks of the Turnipseed Basic Stance easier to remember

The 2nd Edition of Martial Art of the Gun is now available and contains two short additions that were not in the 1st Edition: Chunking and Buddha Belly.

The Turnipseed Basic Stance is the sum of eight Constants which define specific positions of the body or body parts. Chunking makes it easier to remember the eight Constants by “chunking” them into smaller sub-groups just as your phone number is divided or “chunked” into an area code plus three numbers plus four numbers (3 + 3 + 4).

Here is what has been added to page 33 of the 2nd Edition:


An effective way to organize and remember the 8 Constants is to group them into three chunks of 3 + 2 + 3.

1:00 – Posture – 2%

Indexing – Cut-In-Half

Reach – Thumbs – Straighten

The first chunk of 3 Constants positions your body by defining your posture and by orienting that posture to the target. Summarize it as proper Walking Posture.

The second chunk of 2 Constants fine-tunes your personal indexing angle to the target between 1:00 and 1:10 by alternating between an internal and external focus. It refines and personalizes the natural angle of orientation that you were born with. Summarize it as Indexing.

The third chunk of 3 Constants defines the position of your non-shooting shoulder, hands, and arms. Summarize it as your Shoulder and Arm Position.

The sum of the three chunks is the Turnipseed Basic Stance which establishes your foundation, your stable shooting platform. Becoming proficient in the Basic Stance is by far your most important step in the process of becoming an excellent and dependably consistent shooter.

*Kent and I learned about “Chunking” in Bob Pike’s outstanding two-day Train-the-Trainer Bootcamp. Bob is a leader in his field, and we were fortunate that Bob himself taught this excellent class.